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What payment methods does Houselink support when registering for a account?

We use a Payment Service Provider (DocData) for secure online payments. You can choose between Ideal, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal when paying for your Houselink account.

Back to top I did not receive my login details after registration, what happened?

It could be that the e-mail probably ended up in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder and if our e-mail is not there, contact us.

Back to top I reacted to a property but did not get a reaction yet, what happened?

The best way to contact an advertiser, is to call. You get direct information about the property and you can directly make an appointment for a viewing. When you use the application form, make sure you give the advertiser a reason to contact you. Advertisers get different reactions to their property, and they only invite 5-10 candidates for a first viewing. If you don’t give them a good idea about why they should want you as a tenant, they can only guess, and that usually does not work.

Back to top I am receiving e-mail messages from DocData with a payment request, why?

When you stopped the registration process by closing the browser window (instead of using the ’cancel’ option), you might get an e-mail from DocData. This is to remember you that you did not complete registration yet. You can cancel the payment by following the link in the DocData request.

Back to top What happens when my account expires?

We will send you a notification mail when your account is about to expire. In this mail you will find a link you can use to extend your account. Your account will not be extended automatically, since we expect you to have found a rental property within the term of your account.

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