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How do we ensure the safety of your payment?

The safety of your payment information is ensured by DocData, one of the most trusted names in e-commerce and Web-based technology. It processes transactions in all basic currencies (USD, Pound Sterling, Euro) and supports various forms of payment (Ideal, credit card, PayPal).


Houselink.nl does not accept any liability and cannot be held responsible for transactions that result from our website and is not liable or responsible for direct as well as indirect damages incurred that may be as a result of advertisements and/or content of Houselink.nl.

Personal information

Houselink.nl does not divulge our clients’ personal information to third parties without prior consent. All our clients’ personal information is kept in a secured area of our databases. We ensure our clientele that all possible measures are taken to protect their privacy. Letters are not permitted to include addresses from members of our database to a mailing list or otherwise exploit this data in a commercial matter.

The e-mail addresses of the replying members may be used by participants of Houselink.nl only for correspondence on housing that you have reacted on, on Houselink.nl. It is not allowed for landlords to add the e-mail addresses of the replying members to mailing lists or in any other way to commercially exploit them. The whole website of Houselink.nl is protected property and is subject to the law of 8 July 1999, holding adjustment of the Dutch legislation to the directives 96/9/EG of the European Parliament and Council of 11 March 1996 concerning rights protection and data banking. Houselink.nl retains the right to exclude you from any further use of the site in case you in any way handle in contradiction with these general conditions, without detriment to the right to take further legislative measures against you and claim damage reimbursement.


Houselink.nl does not charge a brokerage fee when you find accommodations via our website.


Houselink.nl does not give refunds of the registration fee.

These terms have been last modified on August 2008.